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Beautiful arrangement with spa stones and candles
Picture of Lisa Graff

Lisa Graff

Relax! Take a mud bath?


Maybe if you move to Tahiti. Refuse to decorate the tree. Put on some American Indian flute music with a waterfall background instead of the usual classics which remind you of a time when everyone you love was home for Christmas.

A new meditation app is helping me decompress from holiday stress. Flute music reminds me of the one and only time I booked a spa treatment in Calistoga, Calif. Spring break 1999. Get a mud bath! My principal said it’s divine.

I got into trouble right away in the tranquility room, because I was chatting to this nice lady who was waiting in her bathrobe next to me. Shhhh! A voice behind a curtain startled us both. We looked up at the butterfly mobiles and noticed the “No talking” sign.

Published in Cape Gazette on December 9, 2022.

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