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turkey on a table being carved
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Lisa Graff

Calling the Butterball hotline can save the day


Every Thanksgiving I am reminded of how much I miss talking about turkeys with my first- and second-graders from Beall Elementary School in Rockville, Md. Collectively, they produced a nonfiction book to share with their classmates.

The goal was for them to increase their English vocabulary and writing skills by answering questions: What do turkeys eat? Where do they live and sleep? Can they fly?

I used to impress my guests at the dinner table with my wealth of turkey knowledge. Did you know their faces turn red and blue when they are angry, and they have 5,000 to 6,000 feathers?

One night just before the holiday, when my friends Bud and Tina came to dinner, I asked, “Have you ever called the Butterball hotline? What questions do they get asked?”

Published in Cape Gazette on November 28, 2022.

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