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Girl on tree swing with Up in the Sky So Blue book
Up in the
Sky So Blue
Marissa discovers a swing that takes her to a new world.
Find Me Alone book on a background with mountains, lake, and trees
Find Me Alone
Cee and her family live under a terrible curse.
Portrait of Lisa Graff
Meet Lisa

Lisa Graff is a novelist, essayist, and columnist whose works have been published in the Washington Post, Woman’s World Magazine, Delaware Beach Life Magazine, The Montgomery Journal, The Gaithersburg Gazette and the Cape Gazette. Her 1991 Washington Post article, “No Teacher Can Compensate for Neglect Many Kids Suffer at Home,” was the winner of the AAUW Mass Communications Award.

Graff received her bachelor’s degree in speech communications and English from Frostburg University and her master’s degree in theater from Northwestern University. She spent her career teaching English, speech, drama, and ESL in Maryland’s public schools. Graff retired in 2010 and now lives in Lewes, Delaware with her husband Ray. She is the proud mother of Lena Graff and Nick Graff and enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren.

Books by Lisa J. Graff

Up in the Sky So Blue front cover
Ages: 9 years to adult

Nine year old Marissa lives with her eighty year old grandmother whose health is beginning to fail. She discovers a swing in her backyard which transports her to another world.

Find Me Alone front cover
Ages: 9 years to adult

Cee and her family live under a terrible curse. It may not be a spell out of the fairy tales, but it still dooms Cee and her sisters, Deana and Rose.

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Toasting to a 2023 performance are (l-r) Holly Lane, John Flynn and Lisa Graff.
Lisa Graff to present new show with local musicians July 8, 15
"Mama, Won't You Dance with Me?" | July 8th & 15th | 6:30pm
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Lisa Graff's in living room holding up her book “Up in the Sky So Blue"
Dementia podcast to feature talk with local author March 13
Following the debut performance of “Chicago is My Kind of Town,” singer Holly Lane, pianist John Flynn and author Lisa Graff received a standing ovation.
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Poignant Story With a Universal Theme
Find Me Alone
I love how the author juxtaposes the innocence of childhood with the awful reality of alcoholism, while managing to find moments of wonder in the commonplace. A reminder that, despite hard realities, the good in life may be found if we just open our eyes and look for it.
Sometimes escape is what you need….enjoy the read.
Up in the Sky So Blue
Up in the Sky so Blue by Lisa J Graff was a real joy to read. At times, it brings tears to your eyes, while other times you are delighted by the fantasy of the characters. The book is about a young woman wanting (and needing) to escape her everyday life. As Covid-19 has taken over our lives in 2020….many of us also want (need) to escape reality.
A Must-Have for the School Library!!
Find Me Alone
Lisa Graff’s story takes us directly and honestly into the heart of early adolescence. The poignant simplicity of daily family life is her vehicle of exploration.
A beautiful melding of sentiment and fantasy
Up in the Sky So Blue
This is a delightful story of a spunky little girl who lives alone with her grandmother. When the the caregiving roles begin to reverse, she uses her backyard swing to propel her into a delightful fantasy land. A great book for children, they will see Marissa's caring friend and his mother guide her through the scary time of her grandmother's death. It's also a great book for parents.