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Luxembourg Palace
Luxembourg Palace in Paris was created in 1612 as the residence of Marie de’ Medici, widow of King Henry IV
Lisa Graff

Lisa Graff

Lessons from an anxious traveler


When I was a child, I once got separated from my mother in a shopping mall. Instead of panicking, I sat down on the carpet in front of a display of color televisions and waited.

Her advice, “Don’t go off with strangers,” was foremost in my mind, yet everyone around me was a stranger. I finally stood up and looked for a nice stranger. Just as I was about to approach her, my mother appeared.

What lesson did I learn then? What lesson did I take with me to Paris and Spain last week? I got lost more than I want to admit and was surprised at how my instinct was to panic. Where was the positive attitude I wrote about in one of my recent columns?

Published in Cape Gazette on June 12, 2022.

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