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Sonia and Ed McKinney
Sonia and Ed McKinney in 2012 were still able to live in their own home and take care of each other with minimal assistance.
Lisa Graff

Lisa Graff

Aging in your own home brings challenges


Our senior years are precious, and they bring many challenges and adjustments, too.

My Aunt Sonia passed away in August 2017 with both her husband and myself at her side. The VA helped me to find an assisted living home for Uncle Ed that September. My son and friends moved his personal belongings. Somehow their home of more than 50 years was emptied. Ed was able to come up to Delaware for Christmas, and his cognitive skills were declining rapidly. He called me three times to say what a great Christmas he had and to sing an old song, “What did Della wear, boys? What did Della wear?” Ed passed in February 2018.

Published in Cape Gazette on March 20, 2022.

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